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How Gender Equality and Social Business Can Grow the Economy


When investing, it may initially seem logical to focus only on the companies that offer the highest returns. However, in a rapidly evolving world, economics is about far more than crunching numbers. After all, while an organization's balance sheet may tell a lot about its solvency, it often fails to take into account the potential value that can be created by a company or region through social initiatives such as bringing more women to the workforce.

These factors ar

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Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump - CNN

Story highlightsTed Cruz backed his bitter primary rival via FacebookCruz and Trump traded personal insults throughout the campaignMike Pence was instrumental in bringing Cruz into the fold"After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump," Cruz wrote in a Facebook post."A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I am honoring that commitment. And if you don't want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, I encourage you to vote for him.""I am greatly honored by the endorsement of Senator Cruz," Trump said in a statement obtained by CNN. "We have fough

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The heroin epidemic was once mostly immune from politics. Not anymore. - Washington Post

COLUMBUS, Ohio The Buckeye State has one of the nations highest rates of drug overdose deaths and a Senate race that has sparked a political fight over its opioid crisis.

Republican Sen. Rob Portman is crisscrossing the state, touting a bill he co-authored that attempts to blunt the epidemic by promoting drug treatment and recovery. His opponent, former Democratic governor Ted Strickland, claims Portman isnt backing up his proposals with the funding they need. The men are accusing each other of exploiting for political gain a public health crisis that killed more than 2,500 people in Ohio in 2014.

In recent years, opioid abuse has been an issue of rare bipartisan consensus

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The gender pay gap: 4 reasons women earn less than men - Los Angeles Times

Women ask for less money

When hunting fora new job, women ask for lower salaries than men, and they leave the table with less money, according to a studypublished Tuesday by Hired, a website that connects employers to job-seekers.

The website studied data from 100,000 salary offers for tech, marketing and sales jobs, and found that nationally women ask for an average $14,000 less in compensation than men overall. Employers offered women about 3% less than what they offer to men to fill the same position, with the same job title, the analysis showed.

In Los Angeles, women ask for $10,000 less than men, and take home $8,000 less. In San Francisco, what women say they want comes to almost $12,000 less than what men ask for, and they receive about $9,000 less.

Those expectations mattered; women who asked for bigger salaries than men ended up getting them.

Women just entering the job market, with under two years of experience, expected to get paid a little bit more than men, the Hired study found. More experiencedwomen expected to get paid less. The junior women left negotiations with salaries that were 7% higher than those of junior men.

Discrimination is probably still happening

The Cornell study found that a chunk of the pay differential could not be explained by measurable qualities of American workplaces. The authors say that one hard-to-quantify factor at play could be discrimination.

Indeed, research has shown that many women with the same credentials who work in the same exact jobs as men earn less. A 2015Bloomberg analysis of more than 12,000 MBAsfound that eight years out of business school, women earn 20% less than the men they graduated with.

The dividepersisted within industries, job functionsand for people who got their degree from the same business school.

Census data also showthat women are paid less than men within the industries that most Americans work, including healthcare, education and manufacturing, and within specific jobs, like sales, management, production and administrative functions.

Whats more, it seems that women cannot alwayschoose to make more than men by shifting into a higher paying field. Acomprehensive study of census datafrom 1950 through 2000 found that as women began working in occupations that once were dominated by men as biologists or designers, for example the compensation in those jobs declined.

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Alleged bank robber shot and killed by Miami Beach police on Alton Road - Miami Herald

Miami Beach police shot and killed a man on Alton Road Saturday after authorities say he tried to rob a bank, fled to a nearby barbershop and then confronted cops with a straight edge razor a grisly scene that unfolded before bystanders, who quickly posted video of the deadly encounter on social media.

In the video, a bald, shirtless man wearing blue jeans and holding a straight razor in his left hand takes a step toward two Miami Beach police officers, who are aiming their weapons at him.

No verbal exchanges can be heard on the video, which appeared to be shot from across the street.

As the man approaches them, a policeman fires his assault rifle. Two shots are heard o

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Outrage Mounts Over Trump's Ridicule of Disabled Reporter - Bloomberg

While most Americans are elbow-deep in Thanksgiving stuffing, Donald Trump is hip-deep in recriminations after mocking the disability of a New York Times reporterwho failed to corroborate the Republican presidential candidate's claimthat Muslims in New Jersey cheered the toppling of the World Trade Center.

The Times andjournalists inside and outside the newspaper reacted with outrage after Politico reported Wednesday that Trump, ata South Carolina rally the day before,jerked his arms while imitatingSerge Kovaleski, a journalist who suffers from arthrogryposis, a chronic condition that affects his movements. Trump is familiar with Kovaleskibecause Kovaleski covered thebillionaire real estate mogul when he was a reporter for the New York Daily News.The story was corroborated by video from CNN.

"We're outraged that Donald Trump would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters," a spokesperson for the Times said.

"Our presidential candidates should be moral examples."

Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation

A Thanksgiving Day statement from the Ruderman Family Foundation, which works to promote more inclusive policies for people with disabilities,condemned Trump.

"It is unacceptable for a child to mock another child's disability on the playground, never mind a presidential candidate mocking someone's disability as part of a national political discourse, said Jay Ruderman, the foundation president.Our presidential candidates should be moral examples for all Americans and not disparage people with disabilities, who make up twenty percent of the American population."

Trump repeatedly has insistedthat Muslims living in Jersey City, a community overlookingManhattan from bluffs above the Hudson River, celebrated the downing of the twin towers. Challenged on the claim, he cited as evidence a story that Kovaleski wrote 14 years ago while working as a reporter for the Washington Post. The story reported that "law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river."

But in interviews this week, Kovaleski said he and other journalists never found evidence of the "thousands and thousands" of peoplethat Trump has claimed were celebrating the attacks.

Trump responded to the criticism with a series of tweets disparaging the New York Times, including this one:


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Texas Southern University Student Killed in Shooting Near Dorm

One student at Texas Southern University has been fatally shot and another man is in critical condition in an incident that left the school on lockdown for hours earlier today.

University spokeswoman Evan Pickens said that the injured victim has not been confirmed as a student at the university, and neither person who was shot has been named publicly.

Two male suspects have been detained, though Pickens did not know if they were students at the school.

The whole school was on lockdown for more than three hours following the shooting this morning, but the measure has since been lifted with the exception of the area immediately near the apartment complex, which is where the shooting reportedly took place.